What’s the Biggest Challenge facing ANY Web Series Producer, Indie Film Producer, or anyone with a Channel on UStream or Livestream or other so called TV 2.0 Systems?  HITS!!  Nobody has taken the time to build out a huge nationwide system of websites and tens of thousands of viewers in EACH MAJOR US MARKET.

Social N TV is part of Social N Worldwide, Inc, and with over 65 Websites, and Tens of Thousands of connections in each U.S. Market, Social N is the ONLY Targeted National Local Online Streaming Network with a built in audience in those markets.

SocialNTV’s National Channel Package is a Great Value.  Popular with:

~Video Studios/TV Studios

~Web Series

~Indie Film Makers

~Podcasting Collectives/VBloggers

~Large YouTubers

~All Existing Digital Formats

You get all the LIVE Streaming Features of Enterprise Level Streaming from UStream or Livestream equivalent to the same technology used for the SuperBowl or Worldcup, NO EXTRA CHARGES PER Hit or Hour, EVER!  PLUS:

~WhiteLabel Embed on any URL

~Content Delivery over Social N’s HUGE System

~Multiple Tweets Daily Driving Traffic to Your Channel

~Ability to Monetize Your Channel

~Whitelabel Billing if required (we can bill your Sponsors)

~Automatically Archive Content without editing or long upload times

~Reseller’s Agreement Means you can sell airtime and generate revenues

~Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Hours, No LIMIT to Airtime or LIVE Broadcasts

~No Bottleneck, 99.9% Uptime

~Support, Training, Reduced Workflows

~Archived Shows can be posted to Social N’s network, as well as Live Broadcasts

Channel TOS and Agreement

Social N TV is comprised of 65 Websites (and growing) and about 200 Social Media Channels.   Social N has tens of thousands of connections in each major U.S. market.  Imagine Your LIVE Broadcast streamed to those thousands locally OR even nationally!

TV 2.0 and the Unplugged Generation promises to be what the Motley Fool says is: “….the  greatest upside and return on investment in 20 years…”

This means that by developing your own Online TV show, or Channel you OPEN TO A PACKED HOUSE!  We here at Social N don’t count hits in the tens or even hundreds, we count traffic by the Tens of Thousands of hits!!

Channels are encouraged to read the entire Terms of Service/Agreement in it’s entirety.

SocialN TV

Terms of Service and Video Channel Producer Agreement
1.  SocialN agrees to make available it’s huge network of Social Media accounts and Websites for the purpose of promoting Channels who want Enterprise Level Streaming Package without the Enterprise level expense ~  who want to create their own regular productions, Web Series, and Online Channel.
2.  By Accepting these Terms you agree to them, and if you do not agree to these terms you agree not to use the Services provided by Social N or Social N TV.   Pricing is $499/Month on a month to Month Basis;  or $2995 a 50% Discount.  Channel shall be billed for monthly payments and shall NOT be put on automated withdrawel unless specifically requested to do so.  Social N agrees to keep Channel content on the Network for 60 days in the case of a monthly Agreement.  In the case of an Annual Agreement, Social N agrees to keep and maintain content on cloud indefinitely, or forever as the content shall be suitable.
3.  Channel Producers shall be trained in workflows and content streaming online through Skype or TeamViewer,  and can include but NOT limited to iPhone, Android or GoPro Video Broadcasting, although the Channel works with ANY digital camera, switchers or digital equipment.
4.  At no time shall anyone reproduce, copy, borrow or use any content that is not original; and / or violates copyright laws, and should it be discovered that any Channel has uploaded copyrighted material, SocialNTV shall not be held liable, and this Agreement shall be considered as invalidated by Channel.  Channel agrees to accept all Liability for Copyrighted Material.     No pirated or copyrighted material shall be broadcast over SocialN’s unique content delivery system.   Channel agrees to be responsible for all content.
5.  Channel  producers will be responsible for creating their own URL on the Social N sites and forwarding that URL to our Distribution Department, and must be able to create an event within our system unaided by Support.  The average time to create a URL on the Network is about ten minutes, and Social N uses Premium WordPress sites and Channel shall be trained thereto before being allowed access.  Channel understands one of the principle competitive advantages by this Agreement and Partnership is the ability to drive tens of thousands of hits to Channel.  The more notice is given BEFORE a live broadcast, the better the results, and Channel is strongly encouraged to give the most advanced notice as possible, and to create a URL and EVENT within the system, as soon as possible.  Social N agrees to offer FREE online training to Producer, so that they can film their show live over our channels.
6.  In return for distribution over Social N’s network, and for the use of the Social N Network, the Channel shall share content rights sales privileges, and Channel agrees that the term: “Copyright SocialNTV All Rights Reserved”  shall be embedded on each URL, and that the content of the Live Shows Broadcast over the Social N network shall be deemed the property of Social N, and Re Broadcast Rights shall be the property of Social N.
7.  Channel Producers agree to contact the Media Dept, with a description of their Show, and agree not to produce Content that is blatantly self promotional.  For it’s part, Social N agrees to allow producer to give credits where credit is due, and encourages same for each Channel.  Emphasis on Co Branding the Show/Network simultaneously achieves the Best Results:  For Instance, “The Daily Scream on SocialN.TV”   provides identification, and marketing opportunities for both Channel and Social NTV,  This Agreement allows for the Producer to give a so called “byline” or credit themselves and/or sponsors of their show.   The Agreement allows for Monetizing of the Channel within the structure above.
8.  Channel agrees not to enter into any paid agreements with advertisers or sponsors that have questionable consumer benefit like Online Webinars, Overseas Marketing Firms, or products and services that have no tangible human benefit.   In the Channel  Platform, Producer will be able to take advantage of unlimited broadcasts at no charge whatsoever, and there is no limit to the number of  views of the Producer’s content.  Should Producer at any time try to sell, or resell their air time for the purpose of misleading Social N as to the original author of the content,  this Agreement shall be considered violated ,  Social N has the right without any recourse from Channel to remove said resold content immediately, and Channel would  relinquish rights to content.
9.  SocialN wants regular productions and workflows that produce online “shows” or “series” as such, agrees to make available webpages on it’s Websites and unique URLs for distribution locally or nationally, depending on the type of series.   There is labor involved for Social N to produce webpages and distribute your Channel.   Social N has spent years developing an audience in each major market.   Social N encourages Channels to provide at least 12 to 24 hours of new content per month, however LIVE shows can be done as often as Channel wishes with easier workflows.   This is an added value to Channel.  Channel should be ready to describe their series or show to the Media Department in a short “elevator” presentation, or so called Slide Deck if available, and then submit  a brief on the show to Media Dept.  For it’s part, Social N will approve new shows in short order, and in a timely manner if content is creative, tasteful, and relevant.    In short Social N encourages Channel to add new shows, monetize them, and enjoy widespread content distribution;  Channel agrees to submit ideas to Creative Dept if possible.
10.  All Episodes will be Tweeted on Twitter, and Posted on Facebook no fewer than 20 times, and in some instances at it’s sole discretion, Social N will exceed this number of posts, depending on quality, length and content of your show.  A Typical “blast” for instance across one delivery system that Social N manages goes to 71 Cities.  Three times per day (only) would be 210 Tweets per day, or over 1400 Tweets in a week.  Social N’s ability to deliver quality human traffick is unparalleled, and Channel can focus on creative workflows.

Channel Agreement

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