Hi! I’m Dawnia


I am also the Producer of my own Show:  The Daily Green Diva!  Which provides wonderful green ideas, healthy ideas, and holistic approach to life ALL shot with my iPhone!

Here at SocialN.TV  I want to help revolutionize Live Streaming; the so called TV 2.0 Unplugged Generation by showing people they can turn their iPhone or Android into a TV Network!  http://socialnworldwide.com/turn-your-iphone-into-an-online-tv-network/

I also craft Calls to Action ~ Campaigns that Convert SALES and DRIVE Leads to Your Business.

PLAY BIGGER!  ~> Generating Higher Quality Leads from Sources and Businesses who Need Your Services!  When you want to play bigger, you want BIGGER PAYING CLIENTS  so you are working less for more revenue.   If you qualify, I design entire campaigns to take your business to the next level.  I work exclusively for your Business, and there is a process to see whether or not our Team can or will work for you.  Give me a call at:  703-675-0593

Dawnia Play Bigger



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