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So you want to get your video more hits, and you want to use Social N’s huge nationwide content delivery system?   Here are some tips to follow:

Added:  May 9th, 2015  Will’s Tips and Tricks on Video Uploads and How to Become a Great Video Producers using nothing but your iPhone or Android:


Ask your film editor to give us LOW DEF,  (like 480 or lower) files.  .mov is great, but the file sizes can be huge.  mp4 still is very common, great workflows.  See the codec note below about .mov and mp4 files.    AND   Keep Your Videos SHORT!  58 seconds to 1 min 15 seconds is the ideal length.

Hi Def is what Editors gravitate to, but you know what? In their “creative” mindset, it’s hard for them to grasp that the technology sadly, hasn’t caught up with them!  Not only that, people have to pay for that bandwidth now! Phone surcharge bills are going through the roof.  Do yourself a favor, and keep the video files smaller, and shorter.

File Size:  You don’t want HUGE FILES it makes the work flows impossible.  They can be around 3.5MB to 7MB? You have a WINNING COMBO!!

Update for Video Editors on SocialNTV
This is what the technician wrote:

Thank you for clarifying your issues further and providing screenshots.

The “COULDN’T FIND ALL THE ATOMS” error is a result of unsupported codecs on the video you uploaded. To be able to upload a video to our platform they need to be MOV or MP4 formats with H.264 codecs – I would suggest running your videos through the compression software MPEG Streamclip and converting them to that codec, then they should playback perfectly. You can download MPEG Streamclip for free here:


Have Thumbnails handy!  Our system will allow for thumbnails aside from your Video thumbnail.  So you may want to send your logo, or photo of the Building or Venue.  We recommend that you have smaller thumbnails.   100 across and 100 pixels tall will do.


Large Files (Over 5 Min)  will be hard to archive.  We can shoot “Live” Video for hours and hours and then archive them.  However, the stored or “in the can” videos you have already shot?  Well, it’s hard for people to watch them and if you have a long show of 22 min to 25 minutes, we recommend that you break them up into FIVE  4 minute segments.  Then, we can seam them together with transitions,  your advertisers or sponsors, and Social N’s national Cause mentions that keep the network focused on giving back.


Bookmark this Page!!  We Will Update this page with technical updates, and tips periodically.



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