Wit of Will Horse Rescue

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SocialN TV

Watch Will Roberts celebrated national Film, TV, Radio and Comedic force all his own, as he takes Social N on a tour LIVE at Bundy Canyon, tweet to him during his show, or the archived version.   He’s out in the Country, with only his iPhone, and watch as he Broadcasts wireless from the Ranch to a National Audience LIVE!

It’s the perfect blend of Social Media Delivered Unique Video Experience, and not too long, it’s just right!  For Your Own Channel go Here:   and the best part? IT’s FREE!

On Twitter @WillRobertsUSA Supporting a Fundraiser for Oak Meadows Horse Rescue  Donate to or Volunteer to Oak Meadows? @oakmeadowsranch

Here: OakMeadows WebSite





All Broadcasts Are In Support of JackysKids.Org Where ALL of your Donations go towards kids and families who have kids with Cancer. 100 percent volunteer operated, no money goes for advertisement or expenses.


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